Observe how mood swings - caused by tweets - are impacting the price of crypto. Realtime!

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5/11/2019 - BTC is in!

  • We added BTC as well as remove the coins that were not receiving too much attention.
We are working on:
  • Migration to wordpress - handling users.
  • Let us know HERE what we should add next?
/Lukasz Wedel

28/10/2019 - new twitter presentation graphs!

  • Two new graphs presenting the twitter information
We are working on:
  • Migration to wordpress - handling users
  • PoC for BTC handling
  • Let us know HERE which coin should be next?
/Lukasz Wedel

25/09/2019 - 5 new coins + alerts on website!

  • XRP, ETH, LTC, BCH, ADA - support added
  • When there is a major change in the tweets on live update - you will get a notification (popup + tab title change)
We are working on:
  • Extra features - graphs + history
  • Better error handling
  • Migration to wordpress - handling users
  • Let us know HERE which coin should be next?
/Lukasz Wedel

13/08/2019 - BNB support + layout changes!

  • BNB is in da house!
  • Layout changes for better mobile usability
We are working on:
  • Support for more coin.
  • Let us know HERE which coin should be next?
/Lukasz Wedel

07/08/2019 - UI + BUG fixing!

  • Split for the analytical graphs
  • Fix for the website being unresponsive if the data (twitter & binance) were not equal in sizes
We are working on:
  • supporting the new currency #BNB
/Lukasz Wedel

21/07/2019 - UI update!

New UI changes:
  • Titles for the graphs - for more readability as suggested
  • Autoscaling for the x-axis values
  • Minor layout changes - buttons + news
  • The groundwork for supporting additional currencies
We are working on:
  • supporting the new currency #BNB
/Lukasz Wedel

11/07/2019 - UI update!

New UI changes:
  • Auto refresh - our graphs will be auto updated every 5 min
  • Toggle on the analytical graphs
  • Time added on the analytical tooltip
We are working on:
  • advanced graphs querying - changable start/end date and lenght of the step
/Lukasz Wedel

08/07/2019 - UI update!

New UI changes:
  • you can now click a legend in the twitter graph to toggle the tweets type
  • the step length is now 5 min for 6h, 10 min for 12h and 20 min for 24h
  • new button for the graph change - average vs the candlestick
  • two new graphs to present the correlation between the tweets and price change
  • share button for facebook and twitter
We are working on:
  • autoupdate for the graphs
  • advanced graphs querying - changable start/end date and lenght of the step
/Lukasz Wedel

06/07/2019 - Production issues fixed!

Today we pushed a fix for backend to handle the missbehaved data from Binance.

/Lukasz Wedel

23/06/2019 - Data from Twitter is in!

Data from twitter is in!
We have adjusted the step length for better visibility.

/Lukasz Wedel

7/06/2019 - Data from Binance is in!

We are agreegating the data from binance. More to come, stay tuned!
Tweets incoming in the next few days!

/Lukasz Wedel


For the Users

Twitter Watcher is a tool for you to observe how the mood swings of the community are impacting the price of the currency you are trading. We will present you with easily understandable information:

  • how many negative, neutral and positive tweets there are
  • how much the price changed
  • how much the number of transactions has changed

We will try to provide you with more complex analytical data for you to make an educated guess on when to sell and buy.

For Investors

Twitter Watcher is a tool for you to see how a tag is trending on twitter - with context. We are providing sentiment and numerical analysis - is it positive, negative, neutral, and how big it is. We will present the impact on the data that are important for you.

Current Use Case:

Crypto - we are observing a crypto-currency tag and comparing the data with the price changes on a single exchange. The data works - using our tool, you can see the incoming price drops and spikes.

The team:

We have a team of four - from plan, design, implementation, sale. With an average of over eight years of experience in their area of expertise.

Does it work?

  1. We are monitoring the trends on the tweeter and validating if they positive, negative or neutral.
  2. We are calculating the numbers of tweets and comparing it with a price from Binance.
  3. We are finally providing a free of charge tool for you to take into consideration when trading crypto currency.

We know it is helpful, and that you can use it to get more information and more inside on the market just by a quick look.

Is it free?

Yes, it is. You do not need to pay anything to access our data.

We are paying for the servers and hosting, development of the idea cost us some time as well. When we help you - and I know we will - think about sending us a few satoshis to keep the project alive.

Below our wallets:

  • TRX: TKR6LSAZPsb8K9J484r4EAtE9CMweeTCc3
  • ETH: 0x8e0DB2F41514075D96A47419D9b555aB78f6C361

We will use it to:

  • keep the project online,
  • develop the new features,
  • pleasures! wine, beer, lambo :D


We are tracking your cookies with the google analytics - if this is a problem for you, please go with incognito mode or stop using our webiste.

We do not have any information that can identify you - nor we want them ;) So keep calm and enjoy your time here!

Contact us

Let us know if there is:

You can contact us via: this google form

You can vote for a new feature via: this google form