23/06/2019 - Data from Twitter is in!

Data from twitter is in!
We have adjusted the step length for better visibility.

/Lukasz Wedel

7/06/2019 - Data from Binance is in!

We are agreegating the data from binance. More to come, stay tuned!
Tweets incoming in the next few days!

/Lukasz Wedel


The idea

I am observing the crypto market for the past three years. I have seen a lot of changes in that time. I spend many months trying to understand what is causing some ICOs to grow and some to fall. I believe the main power behind every ICO is not its technology, it is the people that believe in it.

So how can we monitor the crowd trends and understand its mood?

The leading communication platform of the crypto market now is twitter - and I know we are technically advanced enough to create a monitoring and analysis tool.

And here we are.

The exercise

This project started as an exercise for me to understand the GO programming language. I decided I want to learn it, and I believe this is one of the best languages in the market now. My comeback to Java and Python was far from positive - yet start with Go was painless. I started first with a no-database approach - everything was stored in JSON files that were then parsed, and exported to the google sheet. Let just say that it gets more complicated with every iteration.

Is it useful?

Let us together think about what we are doing here.

  1. We are monitoring the trends on the tweeter and validating if they positive, negative or neutral.
  2. We are calculating the numbers of tweets and comparing it with a binance price.
  3. We are finally providing a free of charge tool for you to take into consideration when buying into a new currency.

We know it is helpful, and that you can use it to get more information and more inside on the market just by a quick look.

Is it free?

Yes, it is. You do not need to pay anything to access our data.

We are paying for the servers and hosting, development of the idea cost us some time as well. When we help you - and I know we will - think about sending us a few satoshis to keep the project alive.

Below our wallets:

  • TRX: TKR6LSAZPsb8K9J484r4EAtE9CMweeTCc3
  • ETH: 0x8e0DB2F41514075D96A47419D9b555aB78f6C361

We will use it to:

  • keep the project online,
  • develop the new features,
  • pleasures! wine, beer, lambo :D


We are tracking your cookies with the google analytics - if this is a problem for you, please go with incognito mode or stop using our webiste.

We do not have any information that can identify you - nor we want them ;) So keep calm and enjoy your time here!

Contact us

Let us know if there is:

You can contact us via: this google form

You can vote for a new feature via: this google form