Your early #crypto black swan detector.
TwitterWatcher is a unique crypto signal provider.
We create technical signals based on a mix of technical analysis, sentiment and psychology.

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We are providing a detailed look at gains and losses in our system. In the detailed reports for every month, You can see how our system performs for the most popular coins, every day.

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How TwitterWatcher works?


We observe all tweets with selected #tag. Always listening and adding the data to our records.


Performs a machine learning sentiment analysis on every tweet. We are scoring the content of a tweet and deciding if this is a positive, negative or neutral message.


Based on technical analysis as well as sentiment data we are preparing the summary for you.

  • Sentiment alerts - whenever a significant change will happen in the tweets.
  • Technical signals - whenever our system believes there will be a change in the price (technical and sentiment indicators).


Based on our data make the decision that will help you benefit.

Example Customer Success Story

LiteFinance is the TOP Forex Broker in the market since 2005.

LiteFinance problem

  • LiteFinance wanted to expand their crypto tooling offered for their customers and offer them with a reliable data/signal source
  • Expand crypto customer pool

LiteFinance benefit

  • LiteFinance expanded their portfolio of crypto tools
  • LiteFinance customers are provided with working and profitable alerts at their disposal

The Team

Piotr WilczyƄski

23 years in Trading