Observe the mood swings React on the #tag and @handler Act on the received data


Make Twitter Your playground

Automatically detect if the tweets are positive or negative.
Perform action based on this information. Reach out for your supporters, with a thank you note.
Use the power of sentiment to the fullest.

See the whole picture

Observe how the way you are communicating is changing your followers' reactions.
Get the real data and use it to the fullest.

Easy to Use

No need to have a degree in statistics. You will know it all in a few seconds.


See how your actions are impacting your presence.
Reach out to your supporters, start a discussion with the people that do not agree with you.
Observe how your comments are changing the recipient of your message reaction.


Act on the mood of the crowd, monitor what the streets are thinking.
Be the first to react to the data.
Be the first to buy when the positive information is in.
Be the first to sell when the bad news is spreading.


Monitor Your presence on the social network.
Monitor your brand on twitter, observe the messages after your conferences.
See and react to the changes in the crowd narration

The Team


4+ years in Development